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Himalayas, Leh

Southern-East Asia and Central Asia experience in photographs

Olga Mo - peremeny [55]

RADIOTRAVEL is the big long-distance and long-term journey. We travel in countries of Southern-East Asia and Central Asia. Aim of this project - creation of online blog-book. During the journey we...

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Topics: Travel | People | Photography | Traditions | Food
Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China. Visitors take a cruise on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, thru Wuzhen.

Wuzhen: the last authentic "water town"

Graham Simmons - gsimmons [5,382]

In the tranquil little village of Wuzhen, the light hangs over the Dong Shi River in a soft summer pallour, as though the clouds are making a deliberate effort to protect the residents from...

Destinations: Zhejiang | China
Topics: Travel

Daishan. Off the beaten (tourist) path.

Blair Dunton - bdunton [305]

Daishan is an island off of the more famous Putuoshan island, amongst the group of the Zhoushan Islands in China's Zhejiang Province. Many people go to Putuoshan to visit the temples dedicated to Guan...

Destinations: Zhejiang | China
Topics: Travel
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