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Stories about Architecture in Yangon

Yangon's colonial treasures

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

As a property boom triggers a flurry of construction activity in Yangon, the race is on to save the former colonial capital's architectural heritage from the wrecking ball.

Destinations: Burma | Yangon
Topics: Architecture
Early morning at Inya Lake

Visiting Yangon

brad martin - jemmartin [210]

A photo essay of places to visit in Yangon

Destinations: Burma | Yangon
Topics: Travel | Religion | For Kids | Architecture
Views of the grande dame of old Rangoon.

The Grand Old Dame of Rangoon

Robert Tompkins - rtompkins [4,382]

Time will determine whether The Strand, the grande dame of old Rangoon, experiences a renaissance or becomes an anachronism in new Yangon.

Destinations: Burma | Yangon
Topics: Travel | Architecture

Making for the Hills

Kenneth Champeon - kchampeon [19,701]

I remember exclaiming with awe when I woke up in Simla (or Shimla, as it is often spelled and pronounced) and stepped out of my room to view the landscape, which I had been unable to see on the...

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Topics: 20th Century History | Architecture
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