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Xian, Army of Terracotta Warriors

Xi’an: Where China Became a Nation

Habeeb Salloum - hsalloum [11,334]

The author visits China's Terra Cotta army, in the ancient city of Xi’an.

Destinations: Xian | China
Topics: Travel

The Silk Road

Doreen Cheong - dcheong [1,276]

IT is long, dry, sandy, and to be a little more dramatic, lifeless. That is probably the best description for what is known historically as the meeting point between the East and the West. This is the...

Destinations: Xian | Iran | Tehran | China
Topics: Travel
Terracotta soldiers protecting the first emperor of China.

Terracotta Warriors

Wah Heng - wheng [3,001]

It was a typical day in March in 1974. As usual, Chinese villagers living along the Wei River are experiencing the annual drought despite living so close to the river. People around the entire village...

Destinations: Xian | China
Topics: Ancient History
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Bicycle Market

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The only place I've found to rent a bike in Xian is the youth hostel. Sadly, their bikes are trash. Luckily, this stretch of street just north of the pet market is filled with shops selling new and...

Destinations: Xian
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