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Hard Traveling: Exploring Southern Laos by Tuktuk

janet brown - janetrabichbrown [75]

Bangkok to Savannakhet for a visa run, with a visit to Huen Hin...

Destinations: Savannakhet | Laos
Topics: Women & Travel
Wat Kow Tahm monastery

The quieter side of Koh Phanyan

Julia Thompson - juliat101 [110]

Koh Phanyan, known for its full moon parties, does in fact have a rather more peaceful side. Perched precariously atop a rocky peak stands Wat Kow Tahm...

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Religion | Women & Travel | Traditions
This is the view over the lake from Tabo Cottages in Danau Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Danau Toba looks like Switzerland

Elke Wojtenek - elke [161]

This beautiful island in a volcanic lake in the Sumatran highlands reminded me of Switzerland: mountains, jodeling, etc

Destinations: Turkey | Indonesia | Indochina | Singapore | Vietnam | Hong Kong | Thailand
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Festivals | Women & Travel | Music | Traditions | Food | Culture | People | Photography | Beaches & Resorts | Fashion | Shopping
The stairs to the den...

Going floppy

Elke Wojtenek - elke [161]

New Age hippie resort in Koh Phangan with a surprise...

Destinations: Ko Phangan | Thailand
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Religion | Beaches & Resorts | Women & Travel
The newlywed's wedding bed, in the home of the groom.

Water Dai Wedding in Xishuangbana

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

As is the Dai custom, a party has been sent out from the groom's village, consisting of the groom and his family, off to the bride's village, about 30 km to the north, to pick her up. Perhaps this...

Destinations: Kunming | China | Yunnan | Lancang River | Lijiang River | Lancang-Mekong River
Topics: Culture | Travel | Women & Travel | Traditions | Ecotourism

Mandalay's Hopes and Sorrows

Sara Hui - sarahui [50]

Remembering a peaceful and cheerful Myanmar before the devastating cyclone

Destinations: United Arab Emirates | Malaysia | Burma | Indonesia | Singapore | Hong Kong | Korea, S | India | Sri Lanka | Maldives | China | Cambodia | Thailand | Japan
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel | Working Abroad

Rock 'n' roll in Mahabalipuram - II

Ravi Joshi - ravijos [262]

Completed article about my experience in Mahabalipuram, India. The town is in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, roughly an hour away from its capital Chennai. It's a great place to unwind and a...

Destinations: Phuket | Thailand | Krabi | Bangkok
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Women & Travel
Tone Deaf in Bangkok

Three Seasons

Tone Deaf in Bangkok - tonedeafinbangkok [170]

Like nature, physical beauty is subject to the seasons, as Janet Brown discovers in this reflection on aging gracefully in Thailand.

Destinations: Thailand | Bangkok
Topics: Literature | Women & Travel | Fashion

Shopping for C Cups In SE Asia

Dianne Sharma-Winter - dibundy [261]

It is not until you shop for underwear in Asia that you become aware of the differences in body types between the good old kiwi lass raised on meat and three veg, hardy puddings and force fed milk at...

Destinations: Thailand | New Delhi
Topics: Women & Travel | Fashion | Shopping
Elephant Safari in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Reluctant Adventurer (Part 1): Elephant Safari

Kit Lum - klum [470]

The first thing I have to admit is that I'm not the outdoor type so you would almost never find me on any kind of adventure in the wilderness. No, not me! So you can well imagine my horror when I...

Destinations: Thailand | Chiang Mai
Topics: Adventure | Women & Travel | Sports | Animals | Nature
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