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Stories about Women & Travel in Hanoi

Hang Bong


Simone Samuels - simsam [941]

Riding the wave of Hanoi's traffic is an adrenalin buzz like no other. This accounts my twice-weekly journey through the ocean of traffic madness.

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Basket lady carrying her mobile tea stand

A Photo Essay: An Afternoon in the Alley

Simone Samuels - simsam [941]

A little snapshot into the action in the Ngo (alley) outside my house. These were all taken from the balcony on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Hanoi. Together, they capture the essence of the busy...

Destinations: Hanoi | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Photography | Working Abroad | Women & Travel
Dining with a Conscience in Southeast Asia

Order of the Day

Natnapha Thanatharakit - the_orient [430]

In Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, try these restaurants which are dishing up opportunities for the local community with their socially responsible policies and vocational training programs, as well as good food...

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Book Review: The House on Dream Street by Dana Sachs

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

"A frog that sits at the bottom of a well thinks that the whole sky is only as big as the lid of a pot." --Vietnamese Proverb When asked what's so alluring about Vietnam, nearly every traveler who has...

Destinations: Hanoi | Vietnam
Topics: Working Abroad | Women & Travel | 20th Century History

Hitchhiking Vietnam - A Woman's Solo Journey in an Elusive Land

Karin Muller - kmuller [132]

An excerpt from Chapter 28: My journey took me in a great loop to the border of China and across northwestern Vietnam, always in search of a village where I could settle for a while. I passed the...

Destinations: Hanoi | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Women & Travel
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