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Taken from Marble Mountains in Danang City, Vietnam.

Marble Mountains in Danang, Vietnam

Joni Nguyen - joninguyen [60]

Ngu Hanh Son (The Marble Mountains) is about 8km southeast of Da Nang City. This is a cluster of five marble mountains lying close to the sea. That is why, it is dubbed Hon Non Nuoc, which means Mountain and Water in Vietnamese.

Destinations: Vietnam | Da Nang
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Booming Asian casinos draw tourist dollars

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

The gambler leans back comfortably in his chair at a card table inside Vietnam's new Crown casino, waiting for his female companion to fetch more cash.

Destinations: Vietnam | Da Nang
Topics: Travel
Infinity pools at the Nam Hai

China Beach Sybaris

Robert Tompkins - rtompkins [4,382]

There are no backpackers here. The Nam Hai Spa and Resort caters to a different demographic...

Destinations: Quang Nam | Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Beautiful empty beaches, Danang, Vietnam.

Luxury Hotels in Hoi An and China Beach, Danang

Jonny Platt - jonnyp [502]

A list of hotels and resorts in Vietnam's Da Nang and Hoi An area.

Destinations: Hoi An | Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Beaches & Resorts

Getaway to Danang

Lynn Grebstad - lgrebstad [108]

With 3,260 kilometers of coastline (longer than the American West Coast) Vietnam is a beach lovers' paradise. Bac My An, perhaps better known to millions through the American television series of the...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Travel
Children along the way to Phuoc Son

Phuoc Son

Mike McCarthy - mmccarthy [98]

We were up early to make the trip from Danang to Phuoc Son. My colleagues and I had a lot to do in three days of field trips. We were touching base with officials we had worked with over several years...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel

Diving in Danang

Global Directions Inc. - Global_Directions [4,727]

Adventuresome divers are always looking for a new destination and we have found a site that we can recommend! Experienced teachers Diana Gerth (has been teaching for nine years) and Gerald Strauss...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
At the former U.S. base in Danang, the now abandoned but still strong hangars were used by the U.S. military forces. The adjacent runway shows the effects of time.

Memories Triggered by the DMZ

Jim Clark - jclark [208]

I am in Hanoi and it seems strange at first to be here. As teenagers, Hanoi was forbidden to us--a capital of the opposition and the extension of the Soviet Union and communist China. Well today I sit...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | People
Taking a break from the long drive. A French road marker (found all along Highway One) alongside the road to Danang.

Driving Highway One: Danang

Lisa Spivey - lspivey [2,915]

Return to Driving Highway One by Lisa Spivey

Destinations: Vietnam | Da Nang
Topics: Culture | Travel | Photography
Sunset View from the Furama

Rise of the Resort

Annabel Jackson - ajackson [385]

It was a late January morning when I first walked into the oasis that is the Sofitel Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, my face as if frozen, so unexpectedly cruel was the winter air from the wind-swept...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
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