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Women laborers at the saltworks around Cam Ranh Bay.

Green Dragon Country

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Home of the unique green dragon fruit, southern central Vietnam is a warm, sunny land sandwiched between the mountains and a turquoise sea. "Mister! You eat!" But what the heck is it? Only a few Dong...

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The communal hall of a village in Kon Tum.

A Bridge Too Far

Samantha Coomber - scoomber [2,671]

Kon Tum is a well-kept secret lying in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This amiable town is surrounded by scorched distant hills and is sliced through by the deep-flowing Dakbla River. Kon Tum is...

Destinations: Central Highlands | Vietnam
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To Nung Lake (Sea Lake)

Moderate 5 Stars [1 rating] Comments Comments [1]

Located 6km north of downtown Pleiku, To Nung Lake is in fact the crater of a volcano that became extinct millions of years ago. The lake has a surface of 280ha and an average depth of 16 -19m,...

Destinations: Central Highlands
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