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Joe Shakarchi and Jan Polatschek

"To Thailand With Love:" Authors and Friends

Jan Polatschek - janpolatschek [210]

Meet the contributors to the new book, "To Thailand With Love."

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Travel
Saffron-robed monks of the Grand Palace, Bangkok

You want Ping Pong?

Jason Smart - jasonsmart [55]

Our first experience of Bangkok

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Travel

My life In Tokyo

Stephen Bueckert - stephen17 [30]

Just a couple pics from my hood.

Destinations: Thailand | Japan
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Adventure | Festivals | 20th Century History | Traditions | Art | Culture | Food | People | Working Abroad | Beaches & Resorts | Religion | Nature | Shopping | War & Conflict | Ancient History | Architecture
Wat Kow Tahm monastery

The quieter side of Koh Phanyan

Julia Thompson - juliat101 [110]

Koh Phanyan, known for its full moon parties, does in fact have a rather more peaceful side. Perched precariously atop a rocky peak stands Wat Kow Tahm...

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Religion | Women & Travel | Traditions
Wat Kow Tahm monastery

Silent Meditation on Koh Phanyan

Julia Thompson - juliat101 [110]

The tiny shaven-headed nun stands, bows and leaves us. All 27 of us file silently out of the hall. Eye contact is avoided and fledgling friendships are forgotten as each guest begins to withdraw...

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Religion
Kitty Love

In Harmony

Nolan Mascarenhas - nolanseye [82]

The Tiger Temple is a Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Thailand near the Myanmar border. It was founded in 1994 as a forest temple and sanctuary for wild animals. Most of the animals residing there...

Destinations: Thailand | Kanchanaburi province
Topics: Culture | Adoption | Travel | People | Photography | Religion | Animals | Nature | Traditions

How Many Duck

Eric Swoyer - ericswoyer [68]

Driving two tiny motorcycles from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to the Chinese border in the far North, and Irish friend and I wrestle with public urination, inquisitive cows, and the ethical treatment of live ducks.

Destinations: Cambodia | Thailand | Vietnam
Topics: Food | Travel | People | Adventure | Working Abroad | Animals
Khom Loi (sky lantern) at Yi Peng lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Among Amazing Floats...

azim zainudin - azimzainudin [70]

In Chiang Mai for Loy Krathong...

Destinations: Thailand | Chiang Mai
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Photography | Festivals
All's well that ends well

Once Burned, Twice Sly

Jack VanNoord - jackvannoord [678]

Some thing's not adding up here.

Destinations: Thailand | Hong Kong
Topics: Culture | Economy | Travel | People | Adventure | Shopping
A Khao Yai resident

Thailand's Other Getaway

Pablo Delgado - turnofword [70]

Making your way through a narrow path in the midst of dense jungle, you hear a stirring in the brush. The guide raises his hand. You stop, and so does your heart. The rustling fades away. The guide...

Destinations: Thailand
Topics: Travel
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