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71 Pasteur St., HCMC, Vietnam
Hoan Kiem District
Hanoi Vietnam










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Ipa-Nima boutiques are always rated as THE MUST-place to visit in Ho Chiminh City and Hanoi.

The absolutely smashing Ipa-Nima stores offer an assortment of multi-sized, coquettish and funky handbags in vibrant colors – all of which make a bold yet stylish statement. Styles range from punkish and edgy to classic and clean leather designs. An Ipa-Nima bag is a distinctive and unmistakable accessory, featuring rich blends of textures and fabrics, often with outrageous embellishments – sequins, leather motives – and topped with colorful embroidery and beading.

Ipa-Nima products are exported globally and can be found in renowned stores worldwide -- Austria, Germany, Hungary, Mauritius, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Ipa-Nima is considered to be one of the best accessories brand in Vietnam and has won several awards by the official Vietnam Economic Times.

71 Pasteur st., HCMC, Vietnam
77-79 Dong Khoi st., HCMC, Vietnam
73 Trang Thi st., Hanoi, Vietnam

Published on 7/29/02

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Contributor: tayho [8] 4/14/05

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Simply great bags. A must-have for fashionistas. If you don't have time to visit the shop in Hanoi, get one at the official Ipa-Nima online boutique.

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Contributor: SharonCowell [10] 5/4/03

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Ipa-Nima has the most interesting range of accessories which marry asian influence with a strong sence of design. In my travels through Asia for business and pleasure this was a bit of a shopping highlight. Absolute bag heaven!!

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