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“ Back from Vietnam - a few tips ”
Feb,12 2011

I wanted to thank all of you that gave us information and tips.

Trip was great. A few thoughts / tips:

1. Sunday market in Bac-Ha is well worth the effort.

2. Home stay (Sa Pa) – my feeling is that you will be disappointed and it may be better to stay in Sa Pa (it is more like a cheap hotel in the village than a real home stay). Sa Pa is fun.

3. If you take a night train to Sa Pa spend a night in Sa Pa and then take the train back, don't be surprised if you will find the family exhausted (those nights on the train are not that good).

4. Don't miss the Morin hotel in Hue.

5. When visiting the tombs in Hue, make sure you get to see Khai Dinh

6. Must have a good guide when visiting My Son.

7. Restaurants - QUAN AN NGON both in Hanoi and in HCMC are highly recommended

8. Visa on arrival is simple and easy. Just have it organized with a local tour operator.

Enjoy Vietnam,

Published on 2/11/11

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