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Vietnamhotels.net Car Pickup

Vietnamhotels.net Car Pickup

Vietnamhotels.net Car Pickup

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Vietnamhotels.net has launched new services for airports' transfer called Car pickup services.

The prices are as follow:

For Group of Fee/group (USD) Type of car
1 pax 16 4 seated
2 pax 18 4 seated
3 pax 22 4 seated
4 pax 25 7 seated
5 pax 28 7 seated
6-12 pax 30 15 seated

This new service is applied to tourists booking hotels via our website Vietnamhotels.net. To add this service, on the last step of hotel booking note "car pickup" on the special request box.

Fore more information, visit: http://vietnamhotels.net

Published on 1/16/11

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