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The Dao Do - Sapa, Vietnam

The Dao Do - Sapa, Vietnam

The Dao Do - Sapa, Vietnam The Day - Sapa, Vietnam The H'mong - Sapa Vietnam The Tay - Sapa, Vietnam

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The H’mong people who inhabit in Sapa are often referred to as the H’mong Sapa. Actually, they are Black H’mong because their costumes are black but totally different from those of Black H’mong in other regions. Men often wear black trousers, short blouse and a small hat. Women usually wear black clothes and wrap a black scarf on the head.

When visiting the Dao Do (Red Dao), you will have chance to learn their special rituals. They regard the dog as their ancestor, so dog always receive respect from the people there. Another note for you is that before taking photograph of a Dao woman, you should ask her first as people here think that men and women are not allowed to be taken photograph together until they get married.

Compared with other ethnic groups, the costume of Tay people is rather simple with only one color – dark indigo. Both men and women wear blouses of round collar with two pockets in the front flap, and a large belt made of cloth to wrap around the waist.


Published on 11/3/10

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