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131 Inya Road, Kamaryut Township
Yangon Myanmar






Best place to get your breads, from French baguette to lavash. Great cold cuts, cheese and wine selection as well as pesto and salad dressings. Great for grocery shopping if you plan to stay for a while in Yangon and plan to pack your own meal.

Lovely yoghurt and yoghurt drinks!

For halal food consumers, this is an alternative place to go if you can't get your dose of halal food. At least some bread, cheese and pesto would be filling enough. Pay attention to the cold cuts as they mostly have non-halal ones. I stick to the bread and cheese.

Direction: Near "Savoy Hotel", in front of the famous "Peppers" cafe. "Sharky's" is located in a small newly-built rows of shops, next to a Samsonite shop.

Published on 11/13/08

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