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99 Ba Trieu Str.
Hai Ba Trung Dist.
Hanoi Vietnam 00844










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Small-group theme travel to Vietnam and Indochina

Travel where you want. Travel when you want. Travel how you want. Personalize your small group and family travel to Vietnam and Indochina, a mystical, exciting and exotic travel destination. The highest quality, culture-rich travel bargains, budget accommodation and tailored travel packages let you capture the unique 'feel' of Vietnam and Indochina. All brought to you by the friendly faces at Discover Mekong... Please be announced that our Headquarters now has based in Hanoi. HoChiminh City (Saigon), Hue, Siem Reap and Luang Prabang are our regional Operation Offices. Thanks for your attention.

Published on 4/16/05

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Vietnam budget tours vietnam budget travel tour vietnam

Contributor: traveltolao [168] 3/19/07

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Contributor: uongqbao [42] 4/14/05

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This website has several superb tour packages not found elswhere. It is designed and writen very professionally. The website is run by an experienced local travel company so the price is quite reasonable. By booking with them, you cut all unnecessary intermediaries who always mark up price several times compared to original one! - April 2005

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