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4/15 A, Asaf Ali Road
New Delhi India 110002


(91)(11) 3273821


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The restaurant is a bizarre mix of furniture and knick-knacks picked up from thieves' (chor) markets all over India - a vintage 1927 Fiat roadster for a salad bar, four-poster beds and sewing machine stands for tables, and an eclectic collection of chairs and decoration items. Though you get a regular Indian and tandoori menu here, the accent is on Kashmiri cuisine. The tandoori chicken with cheddar cheese, Haaq (Kashmiri spinach) and spicy Kashmiri potatoes are the house specialties. Guests are expected to drink kahwah (thick Kashmiri tea) throughout the meal. There are two specials for foreigners who are not familiar with Kashmiri cuisine: the 'Chor Bizzare's India' and 'Chor Bizarre's Memory Lane', which will give you tasting portions of everything. Open for lunch and dinner.

Cuisine: Kashmiri
Average meal for two: US$ 10

Published on 8/20/02

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