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View from the highest train in the world of the Tibetan Plateau

Journey on the highest train in the World

Harry van gorkum - lighttravels [98]

Traveling from Beijing 1.251 miles on the highest train in the world to the capitol of Tibet Lhasa. One of the top ten train rides in the world this 3 day 2 night adventure takes you to heights a mere 1000 feet less than Everest base camp.

Destinations: China | Tibet | Hong Kong
Topics: Travel | Photography | Adventure
A memorial stupa in Zhongdiang

A Wish and A Prayer

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

The people of Yunnan province introduced me to many different ways to make good luck wishes for my future.

Destinations: Yunnan | Tibet | Lijiang River | China
Topics: Adventure | Festivals | 20th Century History | Art | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | Economy | People | Religion
A waterfall across the path through Tiger Leaping Gorge

Last Days of the Tiger Leaping Gorge?

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

Deep in Yunnan Province, at the foot of the Himalayas, the Yangtze River (here known as the Yellow Sands), carves the deepest gorge in the world between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (5,596m) and Haba...

Destinations: Yunnan | Himalayas | Tibet | Lijiang River | China | Yangtze River
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Adventure | Animals | Ecotourism | Culture | People | Sports | Nature | Architecture
Zhao Hitches a Ride to Three Gorges in 'Getting Home'

On the Edge of Our Seats at Cinequest 18

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,253]

Mystery and suspense take on many forms in the seven Asian entries in San Jose's 18th annual Cinequest Film Festival. Why is everyone looking for Amal? What's in Dashang's suitcase? Will Zhao make it...

Destinations: Nepal | Tibet | Mount Everest | Hong Kong | India | China | Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Culture | People | Performing Arts | Nature

Cycling across the Himalayas

Colin Hinshelwood - chinshelwood [123]

The 1,200-km Highway 318 from Lhasa to Kathmandu has suddenly become one of the most fashionable, gruelling and wondrous trails for international mountain bikers. Originally an artery of the famed...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Thimphu | Himalayas | Tibet | Bhutan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Sports
Yeti Airlines, on the airstrip in Simikot (9,400'), Nepal.

Kailash Pilgrimage Journal - Day 4

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

1st pass, after Simikot We flew from sea level to Simikot at 9,500 feet, and started walking -- up. Amazing, how quickly it all comes back: the agony, first. The slow, panting ascent on astonished,...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Himalayas | Tibet
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Religion
Fruit seller on the roadside, Nepalganj, Nepal.

Kailash Pilgrimage Journal - Day 1

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

Nepalganj When the Journey Begins The pilgrimage begins when you pack up the computer; when you go off line, unplug the modem and pull out the power cord. That's when the umbilicus is severed, and the...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Tibet | Nepalganj
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Religion
Evening bazaar, Nepalganj, Nepal.

Kailash Pilgrimage Journal - Day 3

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

Hotel Batika, Nepalganj If this is to be a journey beyond preferences, I am sorry. For I would truly prefer to be elsewhere. I would prefer to be somewhere northwest of Simikot, trekking through the...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Tibet | Nepalganj
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Religion
Terraced fields along the Karnali River just outside of Muchu, Nepal.

Kailash Pilgrimage Journal - Day 5

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

en route to Kirmi The Karnali is the color of elephant hide, a churning river that looks fully capable of cutting the gorge it flows through; of cutting it another thousand feet. I climb past a high...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Tibet | Karnali River
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Religion
The southern (or "sapphire") face of Mt. Kailash.

Kailash Pilgrimage Journal

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

16 May - 2 June 2002 * * * * * Day 1: 16 May 2002 / Nepalganj When the Journey Begins The pilgrimage begins when you pack up the computer; when you go off line . . . [ more ] Day 2: 17 May 2002 /...

Destinations: Nepal | Lhasa | Tibet | Kathmandu
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Religion
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