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Travel Tips for Taiwan

Me inside the building.  Every child in Taiwan makes the "peace" sign in every photo.

Taipei I-ling-i

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Taipei I-ling-i (Taipei 101) is currently the tallest building in the world. It stands 509 m (1,671 ft) tall, and consists of 101 stories above ground. It has an interesting design, consisting of...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Shopping | Architecture

Travel Blog About Cycling Trip In Taiwan

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Hello fellow travelers, I completed a 11 day cycling trip around Taiwan this summer and kept a daily journal with photos in my blog. I hope to share my experience with all those who are interested to...

Destinations: Toucheng | Hsinchu | Kaohsiung | Keelung | Taichung | Taiwan | Tainan | Taipei | Hualien City
Topics: Travel | Culture | People | Nature

Hwashi Street Tourist Market

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The Hwashi Street Toursit market, or Snake Alley, is perhaps one of the most famous tourist streets in Taipei. However, the market, and the surrounding alleys, have a lot more to offer than animal...

Destinations: Taipei

National Palace Museum

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Destinations: Taipei

Vacuum Space (Fight Club)

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Yes, this is the soon to be famous (or infamous) VS club. Just an ordinary hip club most of the week, the Vaccum Club dance floor transforms into a boxing ring on Saturday Night and patrons are...

Destinations: Taipei

Juming Museum

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, any one of the sculptures from Juming?s Living World series spins a veritable short story. His 15+ hectare museum and sculpture garden is home to the work of...

Destinations: Taipei

Shin Kong Observatory

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Once the tallest building in town, the 51 story Shin Kong tower has now offers a great view of it's successor, the 101 story "Taipei 101" across town. But the observatory is a great place to get a...

Destinations: Taipei

228 Peace Park

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Renamed in 1996 as a gesture to help heal the scars left by events of February 28, 1947, 228 Peace Park (er-er-ba ho ping gong yuan) was once known the premier cruising spot for Taipei's gay...

Destinations: Taipei
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