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The Eyes of Hoian

Whenever I come to Hoian I love to see the eyes over the doors of old houses. To me they are so spiritual. They are there to welcome friendly people, but also to send away the evil spirit to protect peace for the house and the family.

As I go along the Hoai River, I always see the eyes from the boat loooking as me as if they are inviting a ride. The lady on the boat will look at me, eyes sparkling, voice so sweet:

- Chi oi, moi khach di dao Song Hoai choi chi

( Please invite your tourist clients to have a boat ride along the Hoai River)

It is very nice to chant a poem during the boat trip. This time about the eyes of Hoian:

 The eyes of Hoian

Are so beautiful

The eyes over the door

To keep the house in peace

The eyes on the ship

To make safe and sound trip

People are so nice

Smiling with bright eyes

Oh, I love so much

The eyes of Hoian.

It is very interesting  to chant the same poem in Vietnamese  with sweet melodies.

A visit in Hoian with a poet tour guidem why not???




Published on 6/22/12

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