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Compromise at the South Asian Film Festival 2012

Rahul Nath directs and acts in Compromise

Rahul Nath directs and acts in Compromise

Rahul Nath directs and acts in Compromise Pritesh Shah in Compromise Layla Alizada in Compromise Mona Sishodia and Rashmi Rustagi in Compromise

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  • Image © 2012 Ranbir Kochin

The South Asian Film Festival in Goa has
quickly become one of the most sought after festivals to be associated with in the last few years.  Having attached to
it some big Bollywood hot shots like Prakash
and Rituporno Ghosh, it has also paid tribute to legendary icons such as Satyajit Ray, showcasing the list of successful films directors like these have offered to India over the years

As time has progressed tastes and trends have changed and the festival has been widely applauded for showcasing the talent that is appealing to today's audience. This has ranged from entries from all over the world that have included Brit Rahul Nath, who has become the only actor/director to have two films in a row at the festival (Foreign in 2010 and the now Compromise in 2011).  After his successful run of Foreign, he continues with the daring attitude that he had in his previous to bring us ‘Compromise', which though does not have a tale as strong as his former release, still manages to sign, seal and deliver

Compromise is an eclectic mix of people of a different social strata  that is centered around three main  characters, Karthtik (Rahul Nath), Shalini (Layla Alizada) and Ameet (Pritesh Shah), who are siblings that have anything but a great relationship.  The movie dives into the individual stories
of each of these characters and we follow the troubles and stresses they encounter along the way.  From each of
their stories we are then introduced to other supporting characters that mix up the plot to bring about a good chunk of drama and tragedy

We see that Shalini is a broken down girl who has
lost her previous love (Baldeep Singh) because of gossipy
women in the community (Mona Sishodia) and mainly because of his overpowering mother (Rashmi Rustagi).  In a bid to find love in any form she resorts to escorting with a man (Ethan Flower) who loves her more than she loves him.  Her brother Karthtik is emasculated and has slight waves of happiness from an older friend (Laksh Singh) but this is quickly dissolved when a rich and wealthy man (Bahram Khosraviani) takes advantage of him and rids him of any remaining respect. 
The younger of the siblings Ameet, has just served time for an unknown reason, and before we can make any judgment,
we see that he has carried out a crime on a friend (Steven Navarro) for a robbery gone wrong

A great interwoven mix of courageous sub plots and multiple storylines proves that a step in boldness can have magic attached to it. I was a fan of Rahul Nath post Foreign and now after Compromise, I can predict I will have many second that.  I like the sensitivity that is portrayed at different parts in the movie, be it with Shalini attempting to hide her hurt from her ex flame, the disrespect shown by Ameet to his elder brother Karthtik or even the painful happiness that is expressed through an abusers pleasure as he sees his victim suffer.  But I think what is best of all is the performances given by the ensemble and that with my credit being more deviated to the supporting cast, who give pure knockouts inthe scenes they have.  Some of these roles are so unconventional that hats off for the actors playing them and even greater marks for getting them on to screen. 

Applause is needed for Bahram Khosraviani for playing the role that he does, but more so for playing it so well and so
convincingly. Baldeep Singh is a stand out with is charm and Steven Navarro connects you to crazy a bit too well.  Mona Sishodia and Rashmi Rustagi play a good part in giving us a taste of what it feels like to be the talk of the town.  Laksh
provides the laughs well and Ethan Flower is strong from the word go. All the supporting cast can take a bow for their contribution and I feel it is loss that we did not get to see more of them collectively

For the leads, Layla Alizada stands tall and strong and can mark this as a great standout. She enters with a bang and we see the different sides to her character very quickly.  As an escort, as an ex-lover, even as sibling/parent trying to piece her family together, she is her character throughout. For the other two leads, Rahul Nath hits the mark yet again with the tears and for the power packed gut wrenching scene he has. Pritesh
punches out a more than convincing sob story that will raise the hairs on your back.

As director Rahul Nath scores big with this one, but he is helped by the amazing performances, for which I am sure he gets some of the credit but also for the helping hands he has got with the technicalities that come in the form of music and editing. 
Noah Potter, being a non-Indian, gives a score that most Indian composers will dream of composing.  The score carries the movie throughout and amplifies the delivery of both the scenes and dialogue.  Beth McMillian cuts and pieces together the story in a very catching and engaging manner.  Again a bow should be taken for both these departments 

Our hope is that the festival continues to give us more offerings like that are shown in Compromise.  Not only does it show what the filmmakers of tomorrow have to display, it also gives us an insight of the up and coming actors who otherwise go unnoticed and that in the case of Compromise would be a huge loss

Rahul Nath's next entry for the South Asian Film Festival will be ‘Commitment' that is set to commence
shooting in May 2012

Published on 3/22/12

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