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‘I have a long way to go’ says Rahul Nath

Virgin America: Rahul Nath shows off his dance skill

Virgin America: Rahul Nath shows off his dance skill

Virgin America: Rahul Nath shows off his dance skill Compromise: Rahul Nath gives a career defining performance On the Red Carpet in Mumbai: Rahul Nath Foreign: award winning performance

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Rahul, in his 30s, is a complete outsider when it comes to movies and the film industry. Being one of the few that are highly educated (he is a trained dentist), he has paved his own way in the industry delivering steady hits over a decade and now delivering controversial roles that escape the norm.  And if that is not enough to put smiles on people's faces, he has managed to boost his status by becoming the brand ambassador of several high impact products and also excelled in his dancing ability.  The year has come a full circle for Rahul Nath as he sits pretty on his last two releases, Foreign and Compromise, that have wooed audiences, critics and even himself

The multi- talented star was recently gracing his presence in Mumbai for media promotion, but also to share his knowledge with the prospective dancers on the hit Star TV show ‘Just Dance', where he was asked to judge those auditioning for place against superstar Hrithik Roshan   

"Mumbai is such a vibrant city to be in, the work, the culture and the industry are so inviting that it gives you this unexplained energy to keep working," Rahul told us as we interviewed him

Rahul who has found tremendous success with his movie Foreign in India, has recently walked away with several awards, for both his performance and his direction.  Being the underdog, there was no indication that Rahul would be a frontrunner at any of the awards ceremonies.  The greatest shock being that of the Awards of the International Indian Film Academy, where he scooped the prestigious ‘Special Award' for his gutsy role in Foreign

‘I like playing roles that deviate from the normal sweet romantic hero.  If tomorrow Yash Chopra asked me to play a role like Shah Rukh Khans in Darr, I would agree, but only if turned up the madness by 10 notches.  So when my work like that in Foreign is appreciated, I feel happy that there is an audience that wants to see the kind of work that I like to do'

And with comparisons to megastars like Amitabh Bachan, Rahul says

"It's not like that I have just started. I have been in this industry for a long time, had multiple releases and I still feel that I have miles to go, and all these titles like you are the next superstar doesn't make sense to me. Now critics notice my work much more, because a lot of my releases have come back to back and they see the variety in everything I am doing more clearly as opposed to when my releases would be one year apart"

He has been in talks to work with the likes of National Award winner Shyam Benegal, who has been one of the very few directors that have branched their success outside India, getting noticed at the Berlin International Film Festival and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival

Rahul denies any such speculations but is full of praise for his down-to-earth approach, which he tells of his recent meeting with him "Apart from being a great director, Shyam is also a good human being. He has no airs, no attitudes and he is really basic and I think this is one of his greatest qualities."

Rahul also takes pride that dancing has always been a big part of his life, but is doing his best to add other talents to himself, so that he is not labeled a one trick pony

"I feel honored that dancing is so integral to my life and that it has opened other doors that I never thought imaginable, like my fitness DVD and the incredible opportunities that I have had like working with Shankar on Hindustani and Rajiv Menon on Kandukondian Kandukondian. There indeed is a responsibility that I have to carry forward, when I have been given such a great gift.  However, I don't want to rest under just one talent. I want there to be other facets that I am just as good at ," Rahul told us.

"I want people to know me by my work. I feel that's what is important and that is what my efforts are towards," he added.

With his dance career going into orbit, his last two releases working wonders at the box office and becoming the face of well known companies (Intel, Virgin Atlantic and America and Travel Zoo),  Rahul has established himself as a talent to reckon with.

Especially in his last two box office wonders, Foreign and Compromise he has pushed the envelope by doing extreme roles like a closeted lover in the former and an abused and raped victim in the latter.

The actor maintains it wasn't a deliberate attempt on his part to play diverse roles, he was lucky enough to get such offers.

"I have always maintained that I have been at the right place at the right time. I have been fortunate enough to work with subjects that spark me and interest me. I came at a time when scripts for actors of my style were being written and I got an opportunity to work with some of the talented co-stars. I attribute it to luck," he said.

As far as his love life is concerned, his single status is becoming a permanent resident for him

"I know it is. But that doesn't mean I hate being in a relationship. It is amazing being in a relationship. It is amazing being in love, but being single is also great. It has its advantages. You get to spend a lot of time with yourself, you get to do things that you probably can't do when being in a relationship, hang out more with your friends, watch more movies, play video games, and do silly boys stuff. So life is good," he said

Published on 6/23/11

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