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Indian Wildlife

Tigers in India

Tigers in India

Tigers in India

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Along with its rich diverse culture, India has its diverse faunal assets to boast of and claim its supremacy in wildlife richness. World famous for its Tigers, Elephants, Asiatic Lions and Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros dwelling in its plenteous wildlife sanctuaries, the country attracts millions of Eco tourists every year to explore and witness its floral and faunal beauty.

Every region of the country are geographically enriched with numerous wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife parks, which serves as house to thousands of faunal and floral species.

The diverse Eco zones of India have been divided into 10 biographical zones, which are Trans-Himalaya, Himalaya, Desert, Semi-arid, Deccan peninsula, Western Ghats, Gangetic plains, Coast, North-East and Andman and Nicobar Island. Including all these Eco zones, there are 89 national parks and approx 440 wildlife sanctuaries that is home to thousands of species of plants, trees, mammals, reptiles, birds and avi-fauna.

Among the total number of 11,96,903 animal species recorded in the world, 86,874 are found in India. Among them 173 species of mammals and 101 species of birds are believed to be endangered.

Many of the animals like Tigers, One Horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, Asiatic wild Buffaloes, Asiatic Lions, Gharials, Hoolock Gibbons and Wild Ass are found no where or found in very little number in other part of the world. One Horned Rhino, Kaziranga National Park Presence of 89 parks and more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries provide an agreeable shelter to thousands of wild animals and birds.

Some of the world famous national parks, Corbett Ranthambore , Sariska, Kanha, Periyar, Bandhavgarh, Sundarban, Kaziranga, Bharatpur form the best possible abode to innumerable wild animals.

These protected areas which have become very popular Eco destination among foreign and domestic tourists are natural habitat of many wild animals, such as Tigers, One Horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, Asiatic wild Buffaloes, Asiatic Lions, Gharials, Hoolock Gibbons, Wild Ass, Leopards, Swamp Deers, Spotted Deers, Neelgai, Black Buck, Snow Leopards, Marbeled Cats, Gazelle, Barasingha, Langurs and Monkeys.

House to more than 2000 species and sub species of birds, India offers a very rich and colourful birding opportunity. Many of its world famous bird sanctuaries like Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Sultanpur bird sanctuary, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Thattekad bird sanctuary and Valley of flowers provide suitable breeding grounds not only to domestic birds, but also to migratory birds coming from Siberea, Europe, Afghanistan, Tibet and Bhutan.

The varied avi-faunas in India include different species of birds like Hornbills, Serpent Eagles, Peacock, Pigeon, Crane, Mynah, Parakeet, Duck, Pheasant, Herons, Ibises, Pelicans and many others.

Published on 6/20/11

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