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Southern-East Asia and Central Asia experience in photographs

Himalayas, Leh

Himalayas, Leh

Himalayas, Leh

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  • Image © 2009 Olga Mo

Russian web-magazine Changes.ru presents: expedition online-photo-audio-project RADIOTRAVEL.

RADIOTRAVEL is the big long-distance and long-term journey. We travel in countries of Southern-East Asia and Central Asia. Aim of this project - creation of online blog-book.

Our approximate itinerary was: Russia (Moscow)-Nepal-India(Ladakh, Varanasi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Andaman Islands)-Thailand-Vietnam-China-Russia (Baikal lake, Moscow).

During the journey we publish our photographs from different countries, cities and villages as well as leave audio-comments about photos, short audio-impressions and news of the project (that is whythe word "radio" apeared in the name of this blog-book). You can hearaudio comments if you'll click the button "play" (most of the timeaudio-comments are in Russian but sometimes it's just a sounds andnoises from places).

Published on 1/28/09

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Hotels in India

Contributor: andy_dcruz [93] 6/23/09

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