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An overview of Kampung Ayer (water village) where houses sit on wooden stilts in Brunei.

An overview of Kampung Ayer (water village) where houses sit on wooden stilts in Brunei.

An overview of Kampung Ayer (water village) where houses sit on wooden stilts in Brunei.

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The Government Website of Brunei. This site is the official portal for Brunei. Here, you will find contact information for royalty and other government officials as well as key dates, current events, and national data.

Brunei Photo Gallery. This site offers over 76 very high-quality photos of all things in the city of Brunei including mosques, temples, and natural landscapes.

CIA World Fact Book. CIA World Fact Book on Brunei. Information includes historical information, geographical facts, population, statistics, and environmental issues. Also other interesting information about illicit drugs, military, and international disputes and national treasures. The site is completely updated every year.

Brunei Lonely Planet Guide. Find out about this tiny, oil-rich country here in much detail. Lonely Planet offers complete destination information for anyone traveling to the country including warnings, activities, costs, and sites off the beaten path.

Columbus World Travel Guide. This site offers complete travel information as well as history, statistics, key facts, geographical specs and more. You can also find here information about sports teams, local accommodations, and local business.

Brunei News. Up-to-date news information as well as local business links and other helpful resources on the web. Find out weather, stocks, and other key data here, too.

Brunei Travel Information. Find all the travel information you need here. This site gives detailed information about key cities in the country, places to visit, and cautionary information as well as specifics ways to get from here to there.

Brunei Travel Pictures. This site offers some amazing shots of all the key points within the country that include historical sites, awe-inspiring temples, and other points of interest. This site also gives background information on each site.

Asiadragons Brunei. Complete search engine for Brunei. Find local news, employment, business, and other key information about Brunei. Search on the site or on the web.

Brunei: A Directory. A comprehensive list of links for Brunei. This site covers all categories including government, historical sites, culture, food, and more. Each category offers a list of links that are annotated.

My Travel Guide Brunei. This site offers more than just travel information for outsiders-it goes a bit further. This site includes travel information and key stats like HIV numbers, legal information, natural hazards, racial issues, and other concerns within the country.

Virtual Tourist. This site offers travel information, stories from recent travelers to the country, and information about destinations and accommodations.

BruDirect. Here, you can read a complete history of the country including dynasties, populations, and the current who's who.

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Research by Christina Gosnell. Have a site you want to add to the list? Email us the Site name, URL, and a description.

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Published on 8/18/04

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