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Karachi - A City by the Sea


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Tens and thousands of tourists both foreigners and the locals throng the sun-kissed beaches of Karachi through out the year to take solitude and pleasure from its mighty splendor and sea breeze. Karachi: A fleeting city by the sea has a kaleidoscope of cultures in its bosom. But it is the visit itself which would prove what an exhilarating experience it can be - a pleasure which words cannot fully describe. Introducing Karachi without mentioning the name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah is inevitable, it is this city which gave Quaid its finally resting abode in its bosom. A mini Pakistan in true self, Karachi is a sprawling city, where there is a place for everyone; it is infused with versatility of cultures and religions.

The Coastal line of Sindh is a natural treasure not explored much, the coastal belt of Sindh extends to nearly 338 kilometers comprising of a productive Indus delta, harboring the sixth largest arid zone mangrove forests of the world. These mangroves are a diverse pool supporting diverse forms of plant and animal life providing food and shelter and breeding grounds to prawns, shrimps and several fin fish which are a source of bread for most of the population in the adjoining areas.

Away from the skyscrapers and the hustle bustle of the city and industrious work days in the outskirts of Karachi are the pleasure spots where one can seek moments of solitude and leisure. The perfect weather - partially clouded, cool breeze and the sight of tall trees arranged in neat rows present a magnificent sight along the costs of Badin and Thatta. Various projects have been initiated by Sindh Forest Department as well as Coastal Development Authority for taking advantage of conducive environment for coconut and palm plantations. In the periphery are also situated various private resorts where one can rent rooms and enjoy the days of leisure and get mesmerized by the beauty of the area with its fresh sea breeze, enormous peaceful coast line and sea food under the shade of huge coconut trees.

Karachi has one of the biggest natural deep sea harbors in the world. It is an ultimate resort for the migratory birds as well due its moderate climate. It's a 'love bird' capital of the world and the sun-kissed beaches of Karachi are a pleasure points for the foreign tourists and locals alike. Large waves flowing in and breaking on the seashore for miles on end is an interesting sight. Further up towards Balouchistan in the French Beach where the rocks and the cliffs present on impressive picturesque sight. Sandspit, a natural beach of Karachi, is a world famous on account of being the sanctuary of the green turtles as it is one of the few places in the world where the giant sea turtles come to lay eggs. A green turtle conservation project is rehabilitating the green as well as the Oliver riddley turtles. Green turtles love the serene and beautiful beaches of Hawks bay and Sandspit and watching them coming out of the Arabian Sea towards the coast in the dead of the night can be a lifetime experience. To spread awareness about these extinct turtles the Sindh Wildlife Department arrange guided tours at nominal cost on all working days on first come first serve basis. Inspite of the human habitation and the influx of the beach goers, flamingoes still alight here in shallow waters. Moonlight crabbing around Sandspit and Kemari is a treat. On the Manora Island the lighthouse has historic significance that lends character to the place.

Karachi is bestowed with an abundance of natural resources; there are around eight creeks within the fifty kilometers distance, which apart from their historic worth have been well crafted by Mother Nature with lush green mangroves. In Karachi is the Chinna Creek famous for its Boat and roving club. On the Gizri Creek is the Marina Club from where dozens of speedboats that belong to the members sail out into the sea for fishing and sight seeing excursions. A visit to the creeks in winter in a motor boat is most rewarding. For water sports lovers, an ample awaits them. Salterwater angling particularly for fishing blue marlin, the barracuda, tuna and more than thirty kinds of the choicest fish is highly pleasing. The annual blue marlin angling competition drives anglers all over the globe to Karachi to satisfy their passions for the sport. All can be said for the water sports lovers is: the waters of Karachi are inviting for greater indulgence in the sports.

The city life is industrious and the living not easy to be earned, though it's a land of opportunities it has its own magnitude of problems for being the most populated city of the country. What makes Karachi the most attractive city of Pakistan is its versatility, this city has it all: a metropolitan life style with lush green golf clubs spread over acres of area, glamorous restaurants and thriving shopping malls, eventful harbors and an always happening fashion industry. Inspite of all the glitz n glamour the city still holds on its historical ideology. Throughout history, evidences have been proving that it was the Karachi harbor where Alexandra sough refuge for 27 days from the mighty storm in his biographies it is termed as 'Alexandra's Heaven'. The imprints of Karachi's magnificent past though slowly departing hold a miasma of historical glory. Karachi in its resourcefulness also has great archeological sites, the famous Chaukandi tombs; a division of the world famous Makli tombs which is known to be the world's oldest graveyard. This famous necropolis is situated about 27 kilometers from Karachi, off the National Highway. Karachi as a city has lived brilliantly in pre-historic times as well. With these words you are invited to Karachi for a rewarding expedition to witness its rich past and awe-inspiring present which holds the promise of a grand future with its ever happening natural history.

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Published on 2/20/04

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