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This is how their bathroom looks like.

This is how their bathroom looks like.

This is how their bathroom looks like. Watching the sunset from Mr Charles GuestHouse's terrace. Not just the sunset, you could actually see the whole town. Even kids knows the beauty of showering with rose petals. This is on our way to the waterfall.

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  • Image © 2007 Estella Chua

Hsipaw is a little town with no fanciful attraction, but it captivates you anyways. Theres only 3 guesthouses and 5 tourists on my first nite there. I enjoyed the morning market there as well as our trek to the waterfall. Though we got lost several times, the farmers are really helpful. The scenery is captivating. Do enjoy the sunset at the terrace of Mr Charles Guesthouse. You'll get to see the whole of Hsipaw. A bottle of beer Mandalay will enhancethe sunset experience.

Published on 7/31/07

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Beautiful sunset picture

Contributor: cmchien [83] 7/31/07

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Beautiful picture of the sunset. Thanks for sharing.

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