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Tent Pegging, A sport

Tent Pegger Through the dust

Tent Pegger Through the dust

Tent Pegger Through the dust Tent Pegger hitting the target Tent Pegger's glory

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  • Image © 2007 Yasir Nisar

Among all the folk sports, the most thrilling and most adventurous is Tent Pegging because it is full of thrill & drama. Tent Pegging is played in team as well as single. It is one of the most popular equestrian sports and was particularly popular in the Indian sub-continent till the post war period.

The Grace of a tent pegger & his horse is matchless. The colors they wear, the way they bind turbans on their heads & the spears they carry on horsebacks...everything's so photogenic.

Published on 6/4/07

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Contributor: sarpartap [5] 4/24/08

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Avery interesting and spectator freindly sport what are the rules How is it doing as an equestrian discipline in Asia

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Contributor: mania3 [801] 2/2/08

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Its wonderful, I like all photos, but you didnt tell that,
it is played mostly in Jhang, a historical city of Punjab, mostly famous because of Heer Ranjha folktale and also for this sport. It is like Polo to some extent but not exactlylike it, I love all photos, can I take them? I want them badly.

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