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Ganbatte. A Webliography.

Web links for "Ganbatte" - Means "Go For It!" or ... How to become an English Teacher in Japan

Ganbatte, the book www.thingsasian.com/ganbatte

* * * * *

Alta Book Center: www.altaesl.com/

Amazon.com: www.amazon.com/

Ask Dr. Weil: www.askdrweil.com/

Best Fares: www.bestfares.com/

Career Cross Japan: www.careercross.com/

City of Fukuoka Website: www.city.fukuoka.jp/

City of Hiroshima Website: www.city.hiroshima.jp/

City of Kanazawa Website: www.city.kanazawa.ishikawa.jp/kanazawaE.html

City of Kawasaki Website: www.city.kawasaki.jp/

City of Kitakyushu Website: www.city.kitakyushu.jp/

City of Kobe Website: www.city.kobe.jp/

City of Kyoto Website: www.city.kyoto.jp/

City of Matsuyama Website: www.city.matsuyama.ehime.jp/

City of Nagasaki Website:

City of Nagoya Website: www.city.nagoya.jp/

City of Osaka Website: www.city.osaka.jp/

City of Sapporo Website: www.city.sapporo.jp/

City of Sendai Website: www.city.sendai.jp/

City of Seoul Website: www.metro.seoul.kr/intro.html

City of Takamatsu Website: www.city.takamatsu.kagawa.jp/

City of Tokyo Website: www.tcvb.or.jp/

City of Yokohama Website: www.city.yokohama.jp/

Dave's ESL Café: www.eslcafe.com/

Discovery.com website: www.discovery.com/

Escape Artist: www.escapeartist.com/

Embassy of Japan: www.embjapan.org/

Embassy World: www.embassyworld.com

Gaijin Pot: www.gaijinpot.com/

Interac: www.interac.co.jp/recruit

International Tourist Center of Japan: www.itcj.or.jp/

Internet service providers: thelist.internet.com/countrycode/81/

Japan Helpline: www.jhelp.com

Japan Information Network: jin.jcic.or.jp/

Japan Times Overseas Subscriptions: overseas@japantimes.co.jp

Japan Times Website: www.japantimes.co.jp/

Japan Youth Hostels, Inc.: www.jyh.or.jp/

Japanese Customs Information: www.mof.go.jp/~customs/fvisit-e.htm

Japanese Department of State Customs Information: travel.state.gov/japan.html

Japanese LanguageTutorials: www.findtutorials.com/

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html

Japanorama: www.japanorama.com/

JET Alumni Association Handbook: www.jetaasc.org/php/index.php?index=handbook

JET Article on using a computer in Japan: www.jetaasc.org/php/article.php?content=computers

Jim Breen's Japanese Page: www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/japanese.html

Jobs in Japan: www.jobsinjapan.com/

Kimi Information Center: www.kimiwillbe.com

Legend of Hachiko: www.metropolis.co.jp/

Life in Tokyo: www.lifeintokyo.com

Live Door: www.livedoor.com/

Lonely Planet: www.lonelyplanet.com/

Lonely Planet Travelers' Reports: www.lonelyplanet.com/letters/

Luis Poza's Website: poza.net/japan/

Maps.com: www.maps.com/

My Yahoo: my.yahoo.com/

Narita Airport Customs Information:

NASA photo of Tokyo: earth.jsc.nasa.gov/

NTT Japan Window: www.jwindow.net/

Ohayo Sensei: www.ohayosensei.com/

Open Learning International: www.olionline.com/

Orbitz: www.orbitz.com/

Price Check Tokyo: www.pricechecktokyo.com/

Rough Guides: www.roughguides.com

Teaching English in Japan: www.wizweb.com/~susan/japan

TEFL.com: www.tefl.com/

The Japan FAQ Know Before You Go Website: thejapanfaq.cjb.net

The JET Alumni Association of Southern California: www.jetaasc.org/

The JET Program: www.mofa.go.jp/

The TEFL Center: www.teflcenter.com/

Tokyo Classified: www.tokyoclassified.com/

Tokyo Globe: www.tokyoglobe.com/

U.S. Passport Information: travel.state.gov/passport_services.html

Travelocity: www.travelocity.com/

U.S. Postal Service website: www.usps.com/

Vaccination Information: www.cdc.gov/travel/vaccinat.htm

* * * * *

Major Airlines to Japan and Seoul

Japan Airlines: www.jal.co.jp/

Korean Airlines: www.koreanair.com

American Airlines: www.aa.com/

United Airlines: www.ual.com/

* * * * *

Japanese Embassy Online

Embassy of Japan: www.embjapan.org

Online links to Japan Consulates are also available for the following cities:

Anchorage: www.embjapan.org/anchorage/

Atlanta: www.cgjapanatlanta.org/

Boston: www.embjapan.org/boston/

Chicago: www.jchicago.org/

Denver: www.embjapan.org/denver/

Detroit: www.embjapan.org/detroit/

Honolulu: www.embjapan.org/honolulu/

Houston: www.cgjhouston.org/

Kansas City: www.embjapan.org/kansascity/

Los Angeles: www.embjapan.org/la/

Miami: www.cgjapanmia.org/

New Orleans: www.embjapan.org/neworleans/

New York: ny.cgj.org/

Portland: www.embjapan.org/portland/

San Francisco: www.cgjsf.org/

Seattle: www.cgjapansea.org/

* * * * *

Published on 3/19/02

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Career Websites

Contributor: jobdragon [5] 2/28/10

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JobDragon is another site for bilingual careers in Japan

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Jobs for Japanese Bilinguals

Contributor: sriseshan [10] 3/13/07

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Hi All, I have come across a site www.jobba.net, Jobs for people who seek employment where Japanese language skills are required. Offering a job search, resume posting, and a free job alert service. Hope this site will be very much helpful to graduate students and bilingual experts who is searching for a jobs in other countries.


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