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Having a Good Time in Song Tan


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Walking around Song Tan, I enjoyed the pleasantries. So different. Places with curved roofs, curled overhangs, and sharp contrasting colors. Oriental characters on facades. Bicycle bells ringing. Even a brief whiff of smoke from burning incense. Great to be here. I felt good.

First, I went to the Hotel Crown. Impressive! Name in bold, gold letters on a maroon background. Inside, a marble decor. I asked the clerk for a room, suggesting a price. Her offer was much higher. Once more, and she lowered the bill. In exchange for my promise not to divulge the cost to anyone else, I got room 506.

Afterwards, I walked to nearby Shin Jang Shopping Mall, which has numerous drinking, eating and shopping places lining both sides of a mile-long walkway. Ah! A group of little children. Moon-shaped faces, bright happy eyes, and huge smiles, I could see where we got the design for "smiley-faces." Chattering away, they were as cute as can be. Occasionally a young lady dressed in a tight fitting silk dress passed me by. Very attractive!

I saw a tailor shop, advertising quality handmade suits. Inside, they measured me for a silk suit, charged me a $35 deposit, and told me to return tomorrow at noon to pick it up. Total cost was $75. Easily, $300 back home.

Following a friend's advice, I ate at the Koreana Restaurant. It was nice and clean, with lovely waitresses, but nothing fancy. I ordered chicken bulgogi. Delicious! Chicken stew on a bed of sticky rice. Cost was only $4.50.

I enjoyed the night, because there's something mysterious to me about all those multicolored neon lights, interspersed with oriental lanterns all over the place.

Later, in bed, I saw those lovely places with concave roofs, shiny colors, and odd designs. Also wispy incense clouds. Slipping away, I anticipated a great day tomorrow.

Published on 9/22/01

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