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Kekra, a form of local transport made from American Army Trucks, used by Pakistan Army and later auctioned to their final owners. These Kekras have powerful engines and therefore, are suitable for desert travel. With the advent of new roads in Thar desert, Kekras may not last that long.

Thar desert

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Travelling in Thar and finding the sand dunes, the types you see at National Geographic, are really hard to come by. As more roads are built, as more electricity reaches Thar desert, the change of lifestyle is inevitable.

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Karachi - A City by the Sea

Fouzia Ishaque - Fouzia [281]

Tens and thousands of tourists both foreigners and the locals throng the sun-kissed beaches of Karachi through out the year to take solitude and pleasure from its mighty splendor and sea breeze.

Destinations: Sindh | Pakistan
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Chowkhundi Tombs: Where The Dead Tell Their Tales

Fouzia Ishaque - Fouzia [281]

It was one of the usual days and my father decided to give our eyes a historic treat and we all were off to the national highway. It was just over half an hour ride from Karachi and soon we were in...

Destinations: Sindh | Pakistan
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Shandur Polo Match / Tournament

Shandur Polo Festival / Tournament, Pakistan

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Tournament is held on Shandur Pass, the highest Polo ground in the world at 3700m. The festival will also include folk music and dancing and a camping village is set up. OUR SUGGESTVE...

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