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Travel Tips for Shanghai

Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore

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The bookstore is a few blocks away from People's Square. They have a good selection of English books about China.

Destinations: Shanghai | China
Topics: Literature | Shopping

The Propaganda Poster Art Centre

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10am-4pm daily

Destinations: Shanghai

Old Shanghai Street

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An interesting shopping experience for young and old alike can be found on Old Shanghai street and the surrounding neighborhood. Turning west at the end of Old Jiaochang road brings you down a very...

Destinations: Shanghai

Kaixuanmen Dasha

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Located on the first two floors of one side of a large building that vaguely resembles a large stone vaginal opening (see picture), Kaixuanmen Dasha is known as a one-stop spot in Shanghai for all of...

Destinations: Shanghai

Shanghai Arts & Crafts Shopping Center

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Destinations: Shanghai

Pearl's Circles

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Located inside of Shanghai's First Asia Jewelry Plaza, Pearls' Circles is known as a good place to shop for pearls from around the world. The shop conducts wholesale and retail business, as well as repair of fine pearl jewelry.

Destinations: Shanghai
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