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solo samgyetang

The Joy of Samgyetang

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

A tonic for the health in both warm and cold weather and a mental stimulant, this amazing dish is also said to provide a libidinous boost for fun in the boudoir.

Destinations: Pyongyang | Korea, N | Songtan | Mokpo | Kyongju | Seoul | Pusan | Cheju Island | Korea, S
Topics: Culture | Food

Summer of '96 in Pusan

Ben Bangs - BenCam91 [963]

Imagine if you will being desperate to live and work in Asia for a year, but being 'different' in some way (not blond, blue eyed, 6'3'' and tanned to a crisp). Imagine trying to raise the money for an...

Destinations: Pusan | Korea, S
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