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Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate: The Royal Passage

Shiraz Hassan - shirazhassan [123]

Delhi Gate of walled city is one the thirteen historic gates of Lahore. The Delhi gate is named as Delhi gate because of its opening on the high road from Lahore to Delhi. Since mughal era this area...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Photography | Festivals | Art | Architecture
Kekra, a form of local transport made from American Army Trucks, used by Pakistan Army and later auctioned to their final owners. These Kekras have powerful engines and therefore, are suitable for desert travel. With the advent of new roads in Thar desert, Kekras may not last that long.

Thar desert

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Travelling in Thar and finding the sand dunes, the types you see at National Geographic, are really hard to come by. As more roads are built, as more electricity reaches Thar desert, the change of lifestyle is inevitable.

Destinations: Sindh | Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Adventure | Photography | Animals | Traditions | Ecotourism
Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made...


muhammad sabir - quizzer [30]

Photo of a flower from Pakistan

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Photography | Nature
Tent Pegger Through the dust

Tent Pegging, A sport

Yasir Nisar - maxloxton [29]

Tent Pegging is a equestrian sports that is played all over the world and is known for being most adventurous and thrilling game.

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Travel | People | Adventure | Photography | Sports | Traditions
..stillness of time

Of road and the sky

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

“ Although we've come to the end of the road , still I can't let you go, it's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you . ”

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Photography | Nature

Main Gurdhwara in Nankana shahab

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

A Place known as  Nankana Sahib in Pakistan is the birth place of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak Dev, Nankana Sahib is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in Pakistan.  Nankana Sahib ,...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Travel | Photography | Nature | Architecture

Some old and lonely trees in a lonely place

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

Old and beatuiful trees in a lifeless place,waiting for me to  have a conversation with them. Its vacated, its ruined but still I could see life in a lifeless place. This place attracts me so I...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Photography | Nature
Pakistani team on ground

Cricket Match

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

A match between Pakistan and India, here on  Multan Stadium. 

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Photography
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