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Day 1

Evolution of a Mid-Autumn Festival Float

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

See the 5-day progression of a lantern float built for Phan Thiet City's celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Binh Thuan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Festivals | Performing Arts | Art | Traditions
The undeveloped beach around the headland from Mui Ne

Mui Ne - A great escape from Saigon

Jonny Platt - jonnyp [502]

Although I used to have an aversion to particularly resorty destinations, over the years I came to love Mui Ne for the escape it offered from Saigon. Although it could take six hours by bus or train...

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Mui Ne
Topics: Travel | Beaches & Resorts | Nature
Cau Ngu parade in Phan Thiet

Whale Worship in Phan Thiet: Cau Ngu, Nghinh Ong and the Van Thuy Tu Temple

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

In the sleepy fishing town of Phan Thiet, Vietnam, ancient rites of whale worship take place in the elaborate Cau Ngu Festival and Nghinh Ong Ceremony. Often combined with the Chinese Quan Kong...

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam
Topics: Adventure | Festivals | Animals | Music | Art | Traditions | Culture | People | Religion | Fashion | Performing Arts
The largest reclining Buddha in Vietnam is located atop Takou Mountain.

Escape to the Binh Thuan Desert

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

Sand dunes... cactus... cobras... sand storms... ancient matriarchal islamic cultures... does this sound like Vietnam? If not, you need to head back over for a new adventure.

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Binh Thuan | Mui Ne
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | National Parks | Beaches & Resorts | Animals | Ecotourism
To Vietnam With Love

Hal Phillips Gets Sideways in the Vietnamese Highlands

To Vietnam With Love - tovietnamwithlove [610]

We have been only a day in Phan Thiet, and frankly, I’d like to stay another two at least. Then, on the way to breakfast, I see them—the motorcycles and their attendant sidecars, all neatly lined up in front of the hotel ...

Destinations: Da Lat | Phan Thiet | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Sports | Nature
Kill Me If You Can, You SOB by Bob Miller

Book Review: Kill Me If You Can, You SOB

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

Author Bob Miller give a candid account of an "ordinary soldier" serving in the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company in Phan Thiet, Vietnam.

Destinations: Da Lat | Nha Trang | Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Da Nang
Topics: People | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
To Vietnam With Love

Adam Bray Takes You on a Walking Tour of Phan Thiet

To Vietnam With Love - tovietnamwithlove [610]

Associated by the Vietnamese with the production of nuoc mam and dragon fruit (originally imported by the French from South America), Phan Thiet is often dismissed by travelers as a resort town with a nice golf course ...

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Travel | Beaches & Resorts
Ben Tre River

Ben Tre

joe smith - luminous_grin [17]

Ben Tre Vietnam

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Bien Hoa | Nha Trang | Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Ben Tre
Topics: People | Women & Travel

The Ride Home from Phan Thiet

Tara Russell - taravrussell [694]

Watch out for the motor scooters. Everyone uses their horns. A herd of brown cows slowly crosses the road followed by three small women swatting them from behind. A mother and child bicycle home from...

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam

New Year in Mui Ne

Helen Conway - hconway [954]

After nearly four weeks on the road in Vietnam, my husband put his foot down. For at least two days, I was not allowed to drag him to any more temples or pagodas. Our Western New Year was going to be...

Destinations: Phan Thiet | Vietnam
Topics: Beaches & Resorts
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