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"a classic triangle hold with his legs"

Grace versus Brute Force: MMA in Taiwan

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Grace versus brute force. Strikers fighting grapplers. Pit bulls against alligators.

Destinations: Taiwan
Topics: Martial Arts | Photography | Performing Arts | Sports

Chie Tanaka, of Cape No. 7 fame

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

"Cape No. 7" has become Taiwan's highest-grossing Chinese-language film ever. It tells of the romance between a local singer and a spirited Japanese publicist played by Chie Tanaka.

Destinations: Taiwan | Japan
Topics: People | Performing Arts

Japanese 'cosplay' draws huge following in Taiwan

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

Taiwanese "cosers" follow a fashion that aims to combine costume and roleplay based on characterisations in Japanese animation, or "manga"...

Destinations: Taiwan | Japan
Topics: People | Performing Arts | For Kids

Film Review: YiYi

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Life is one, big, not-so-happy family in this Edward Yang film that focuses on three generations, plus a few in-laws and neighbors in Taipei.

Destinations: Mongolia | Taiwan
Topics: Culture | People | Performing Arts
Cover- Iron Monkey

Martial Arts Reviews- Iron Monkey

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

Iron Monkey is, if nothing else, an action-packed Chinese Robin Hood adventure...

Destinations: Taiwan | China | Hong Kong
Topics: Martial Arts | Performing Arts | Sports
Tents selling all manners of things offered some of the only shade to be found.

Spring Scream Dog Pictures

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Twelve Years (a full astrological cycle, by Taiwanese reckoning) after the first Spring Scream was held in 1995 I returned to Kenting to catch Spring Scream Dog. These are some shots from the festival...

Destinations: Kenting | Taiwan
Topics: Travel | People | Photography | Festivals | Beaches & Resorts | Performing Arts | Music
The author in a rare moment

Love Hotel Etiquette

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Author's Note: "Love Hotel Etiquette" Originally appeared as one of my weekly "Off the Rails" columns in The China Post. However, its inevitable that any long term traveller in any number of Asian...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Performing Arts

Film Review: The Wedding Banquet

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

With Brokeback Mountain's many spotlights cast upon director Ang Lee, it's easy to forget that he had humble beginnings with a sweet little film called The Wedding Banquet. This 1993 Ang Lee classic...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Culture | People | Performing Arts
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