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The Wandering Falcon, by Jamil Ahmad

India dominates Man Asian book prize shortlist

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

An unprecedented seven authors compete for the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize...

Destinations: India | China | Pakistan | Japan | Korea, S
Topics: Literature
Kalasha Girl

A happy farewell

Muhammad Kashif Ali - kashifthegipsy [152]

Kalasha, a tribe from Pakistan, is a unique community: it seeks merriment in death.

Destinations: Pakistan | NWFP
Topics: Culture | People | Religion | Ancient History
The Shepherd Lodge

Cycle of the Season

Muhammad Kashif Ali - kashifthegipsy [152]

The Bakarwal community of Pakistan travel with the cycle of the season.

Destinations: Pakistan | NWFP
Topics: Culture | Economy | Architecture
Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate: The Royal Passage

Shiraz Hassan - shirazhassan [123]

Delhi Gate of walled city is one the thirteen historic gates of Lahore. The Delhi gate is named as Delhi gate because of its opening on the high road from Lahore to Delhi. Since mughal era this area...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Photography | Festivals | Art | Architecture

Mother India

Laura Kelley - lauramk [50]

A traveler's experiences of culture and food in India before the monsoon.

Destinations: Bangladesh | Nepal | Indonesia | Pakistan | Tibet | Mount Everest | Hong Kong | India | Sri Lanka | Kathmandu | Thailand
Topics: Travel | Traditions | Food | Culture | Working Abroad | Nature | Ancient History

War-weary Asian nations offer new treats for tourists

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

War-weary Asian countries are planning new treats for travellers in a bid to cash in on a "peace dividend". Bali, Cambodia, Kashmir, Nepal, Sri Lanka...

Destinations: India | Nepal | Sri Lanka | Bali | Cambodia | Pakistan
Topics: Travel
Kekra, a form of local transport made from American Army Trucks, used by Pakistan Army and later auctioned to their final owners. These Kekras have powerful engines and therefore, are suitable for desert travel. With the advent of new roads in Thar desert, Kekras may not last that long.

Thar desert

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Travelling in Thar and finding the sand dunes, the types you see at National Geographic, are really hard to come by. As more roads are built, as more electricity reaches Thar desert, the change of lifestyle is inevitable.

Destinations: Sindh | Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Adventure | Photography | Animals | Traditions | Ecotourism
Tandoori Love

Asian Films Play "I've Got a Secret" at San Jose'sCinequest 2009

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Each year, ThingsAsian features reviews of all the Asian and Asia-related films entered for competition in San Jose's Cinequest Film Festival. This year, there were thirteen entries available for...

Destinations: India | Turkey | Indonesia | China | Pakistan | Japan | Israel
Topics: Culture | People | Performing Arts

Birdwatching in Islamabad, Pakistan

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

Just 10 minutes drive from the centre of this Pakistani capital, there are mountains and wetlands teeming with exotic birds...

Destinations: Pakistan | Islamabad
Topics: Animals | Nature
The Kalash girl in Bumborate is in traditional costume. Kalash people are the endangered communities with colourful culture and clean natural environment.

The colourful Kalash culture, Chitral, Pakistan

Shams Uddin - shamstheguide [198]

A Kalash girl in full traditional costume in Buborate in the Kalash valley of Chitral, Pakistan

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: People
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