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Workers at a coconut factory shelling plant.

Coconuts, Coffee and Close Calls on the Mekong Delta

David Calleja - davidcalleja [1,466]

While the Mekong Delta is best known for its floating market, the real joy is meeting with people going about their every day lives. David Calleja discovers on some of Vietnam's great experiences, as shown to him by an ex-soldier.

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Food | Travel | People

Mekong Delta Adventure

Michael Burr - mbphotog [159]

Sai Gon - My Tho - Ben Tre - Can Tho - Long Xuyen - Chau Doc - Vinh Suong by: boat, bus, mini-bus, xich lo, xe om, xe may loi, xe dap loi, etc. * * * I returned to Viet Nam for the second time in late...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam

Misadventures In The Mekong Delta

Mike Tonkins - Miketonkins [75]

One night I got a text message when I was sitting in a bar. I thought it was gonna be one of my nightly 'Good night MIKE I hope you have sweet dream' texts that my students take turns to send me.

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam

Deeper into the Delta

Graham Simmons - gsimmons [5,382]

Is there anywhere on planet Earth that so teems with life and industry as the Mekong Delta? Anywhere where agriculture and fish farming are so intensively practiced? In thinking that one day I'll come...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Approaching the watchtower, Tra Su Forest Reserve

Delta Delights

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Six-fifty in the morning, the coach reverses over a prostrate rat outside Saigon's smart Caravelle Hotel, and we're on our way. Bound for the Delta, that watery region with vaguely sinister war-time...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Food | Culture | Travel | Agriculture | Nature
Can Tho

Down on the Mekong for Tet

Mike Blackwell - mblackwell [201]

"Ah, the Delta," he said, "the Delta is my heart." His English was perfect, the meaning clear. One of Ho Chi Minh City's top officials leaned back in his chair, peered at the large wall map of the...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | People | Festivals | Agriculture | 20th Century History

Down On the Mekong at Tet (II)

Mike Blackwell - mblackwell [201]

The Plains of Kien Giang We are on the road again. Can Tho, bustling, celebratory, electrified and electrifying has passed from sight in our rear view mirror. Martin and I, with Hom our driver, are...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Food | Culture | Travel | People | Agriculture | 20th Century History | War & Conflict


Lou Dematteis - ldematteis [661]

Rice is an integral part of life in Vietnam. The Vietnamese economy depends on agriculture and the main crop is rice. The average Vietnamese eats three quarters of a pound of rice a day. Rice covers...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam | Mekong River
Topics: Culture | Food | Photography
The buying and selling never stops at a floating market in Can Tho.

Life on the Mekong

Lou Dematteis - ldematteis [661]

The Mekong. You could spend a lifetime exploring it. One of the world's great rivers, the source lies on the Tibetan Plateau at more than 16,000 feet. The Tibetans call it Dza-Chu, the Water of the...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam | Mekong River
Topics: Travel | Photography

Travels with T.S. Ernie

F.R. "Fritz" Nordengren - fnordengren [303]

When you travel alone, it's not uncommon to meet traveling companions along the way. Many people enjoy discovering new countries and friends as they make solo travel plans. Travelers to Vietnam,...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
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