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To Myanmar With Love

Hpone Thant interacts with wild river dolphins near Mandalay

To Myanmar With Love - tomyanmarwithlove [630]

We were just half an hour into our trip when two wild dolphins snorted their way up the river. I glimpsed their grayish tails and blowholes when they surfaced to breathe, but otherwise it was...

Destinations: Mandalay | Burma
Topics: Adventure | Animals | Nature | Ecotourism
To Myanmar With Love

Michael Meadows breaks down between Mandalay and Bagan

To Myanmar With Love - tomyanmarwithlove [630]

Morning mist cloaks the sleeping city of Mandalay, its quiet streets a swirling sea of dawn-lit gray. Old buses growl irritably, spewing thick smoke as they cough and sputter to life. Blinking against...

Destinations: Burma | Mandalay | Bagan
Topics: Travel
To Myanmar With Love

Leif Pettersen takes to two wheels on the roads of Mandalay

To Myanmar With Love - tomyanmarwithlove [630]

"I arrived in Mandalay at four in the morning after a sleepless, ass-smashing, nine-hour ride from Bagan on a bus seemingly designed by torture specialists. Not even Eden would be all that appealing...

Destinations: Mandalay | Burma
Topics: Adventure
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Buses in Myanmar – Yangon to Mandalay, Myanmar

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I was headed to Mandalay with Lauren, Yana, and Nathan, the Aussies I met in Yangon, via a 12-hour overnight bus ride. The bus was first class meaning it had air conditioning, no toilet, though. We didn’t know that when we signed up.

Destinations: Burma | Mandalay | Yangon
Topics: Travel
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