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The people I met in Dalian, P.R. China

Reina Hatimiya Hamid - jreina10 [50]

I was on my holiday visiting my former colleague in Dalian, China, for 2 weeks.  Big city with very friendly locals.  I was offered a job in the same hotel - Holiday Inn Dalian, a 4-star...

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piebald feral, temple market Sangklaburi, Thailand

The dogs of Sanglaburi

John McMahon - dictater2 [261]

When a motor cycle plows into a dog on a dark road in the mountians of thailand I find myself cared for by a women I cant communicate with.

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Kuala Selangor Leaf Monkeys

Kuala Selangor Fireflies

fareeda alhady - aginghippie [80]

Travelogue with loads of pix. Enjoy!

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Malaysian pop princess Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin.

Siti Nurhaliza , Malaysia's pop princess

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

KUALA LUMPUR, March 28, 2005 - Malaysian pop princess Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin once dreamed of being a policewoman, but instead of capturing crooks she now captures hearts and is hot in pursuit of...

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Han Mei at the Rainforest Music Festival.

Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival

Keith Rockmael - krockmael [96]

As I trekked through the rainforest in Sarawak the last thing that I expected to hear were guitars, violas and electric fiddles but that exactly what my surprised ears enjoyed as I spent two days at...

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They're playing our song

Christina Hamlett - chamlett [179]

When it comes to our musical roots, America shares more in common with Malaysia than would seemingly meet the ear. Both the secular and sacred compositions of such far apart neighbors aptly extend the...

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