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Prayer blocks at Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Golden Week adventure to Kyoto, Himeiji, and Hiroshima.

Zach Feinberg - umbrella101922 [88]

This is a brief recount of my travels to central and southern Honshu during Golden Week (First week of May). My friend Sean and I took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) down to Kyoto, Himeiji, and Hiroshima...

Destinations: Kyoto | Hiroshima | Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure
Lotus blossom on Shinobazu Pond in the heart of Tokyo’s Ueno Park.

Alice Yamada follows her bliss in Kyoto

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

In the company of her beloved mama, Alice Yamada indulges at Arashiyama Benkei, a high-end hot spring hotel ... "I was blissfully falling asleep, wondering how I managed to be so fortunate---resting...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Travel

Ryokans of Kyoto

Lester Patrick - lpatrick [105]

Japanese "ryokans" (traditional Japanese inns) are very popular among foreign visitors to Japan. Recently, we interviewed three Kyoto ryokan owners and asked them about their experiences hosting...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Travel | Traditions
Floats on the river at Kyoto's Aoi Festival

Golden Week

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

I am a sucker for a good festival. After 11 months in Japan, my interest in seeing them has not lessened at all. I try to see them all. I especially enjoy the ones that have a little original flair...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | Festivals

Mikimoto Island

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

I have a small confession to make. Sometimes I steal things. While my stealing is petty and doesn't hurt anyone, still it is wrong. And yet sometimes I do it. I think I do it when I feel lonely,...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Travel | People
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