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Neatly folded kimonos and the Buddhist Scriptures were provided in our ryokan

Relaxing Ryokan

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

My husband had his best sleep ever in our ryokan in Japan.

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Ichimame. Apprentice geisha.

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

Correspondent Daniel Rook meets trainee geisha Ichimame whose Internet blog is giving a rare insight into a secretive world and providing inspiration for teenagers thinking about following in her footsteps - becoming a geisha.

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | People | Performing Arts

Seijin Hi: Coming of Age Day in Japan

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Yesterday (January 14) was a national holiday in Japan. It was Coming of Age Day. On this day, all 20-year-olds celebrate the fact that they are officially a part of the adult community. It is...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
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Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

When a person first arrives in Japan there are many things of course that seem strange and different. Aside from the language difference, I think the most striking difference is the attitude of...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Working Abroad


Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Japanese culture is one that is obsessed with cleanliness. This can be seen from the important custom of taking off one's shoes before entering a house, to the vacuum cleaners that they have designed...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Food | Working Abroad

SENTO - Oasis of Everyday Life in Japan: An Interview with Photographer Markuz Wernli

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

"Photography helps me to record and share the small daily wonders and insignificant visual sensations that I am privileged to witness ? the precious, short moments when life suddenly comes to a halt.

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
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Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Kyoto is a great city for bike riding. It is a big flat valley scooped out between small rugged mountains. There is only one hill in Kyoto and I live on top of it. Two thirds up it to be more precise.

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Festivals | Traditions | Nature

The Year of the Snake

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

I was walking in the woods near my house when I saw an attractive woman walking her dog. Eager to practice my Japanese, I tried to say something like this, "Oh what a pretty dog you have!" I was...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | People
A view from Kurama Temple

Happy Birthday Buddha

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Monday, May 7th was an amazing day for me. It was Buddha's birthday, and it started out in an amazing way. I had seen the begging monks before. They wore long black robes and wooden sandals. On each...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Religion | Traditions

The Public Baths

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

On Sunday a few weeks ago, I went to the sento (public baths) here for the first time. Maybe you've heard that Japanese are real big on baths and keeping clean. I was amazed at what I saw. Each...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture
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