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Travel Tips for Kunming

Nanqing Jie, the new Muslim food area

Muslim Food Street

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Shuncheng Jie, Kunming's once-famous Muslim food street, has been gentrified out of existence, and the block once housing scores of excellent Hui and Uigher restaurants is now more-or-less...

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Pizza da Rocco

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Need a break from Chinese food? Situated right in the heart of the main Bird and Flower Market, Rocco's is an Italian Oasis serving pasta, ravioli, pizza, salads, espresso, and other stuff you'd find...

Destinations: Kunming

Kunming Mei Shi Jie

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This indoor food court offers an interesting variety of snacks on the cheap, and a visit here is a good place to fill up on both Kunming specialties (such as grilled eggplant stuffed with mincemeat)...

Destinations: Kunming

French Café (Lan Bai Hong)

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Center of Kunming's French expat community, the French Café is a swinging spot with good food, music & people, not to mention a decent selection of books which you can borrow with a deposit of 50...

Destinations: Kunming

Yunnan Baba

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Anyone traveling in Yunnan Province is sure to run into stalls, carts and restaurants serving up a local treat called "Baba", a kind of pancake filled with a variety of ingredients, from fruit to...

Destinations: Kunming
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