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Himalayas, Leh

Southern-East Asia and Central Asia experience in photographs

Olga Mo - peremeny [55]

RADIOTRAVEL is the big long-distance and long-term journey. We travel in countries of Southern-East Asia and Central Asia. Aim of this project - creation of online blog-book. During the journey we...

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Topics: Travel | People | Photography | Traditions | Food
Some of the old carved statues in Anuradhapura.

A Glimpse Into the Ruins of Sri Lanka

Wah Heng - wheng [3,001]

According to recorded history, in the fifth century before Christ, Sri Lanka was already a land of well-ordered civilization. A North India group of people, believed to be Aryans, settled in the...

Destinations: India | Anuradhapura | Sri Lanka | Kerala
Topics: Ancient History
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