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Merdeka Square, site of the declaration of independence of Malaysia. Kelantan, Malaysia.

Kelantan In A Big Nutshell...

Audrey Lim - alim [9,137]

Every state in Malaysia is unique in its own ways. You get large cities to small villages to self-contained towns - and each featuring interesting and matchless cuisine, lifestyle, history and...

Destinations: Malaysia | Kelantan
Topics: Travel | 20th Century History | Shopping | Ancient History | Architecture
Tossing the gasing...

What's Spinning Around?

Audrey Lim - alim [9,137]

Malaysia is a land of many cultures and traditions. Over the years, many traditional games took its form. One of the favorites has got to be the gasing . A direct translation of gasing from the Malay...

Destinations: Malaysia | Kelantan
Topics: Culture
The Breathtaking Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Exploring Kelantan

Audrey Lim - alim [9,137]

I could never quite complete the stories I have to tell you about Kelantan. In fact, in my last article entitled "Kelantan In A Big Nutshell", I have exceeded (well, almost) the word limit as preset...

Destinations: Malaysia | Kelantan
Topics: Travel
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