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Visit the Dead Sea

Pravit Kunakemakorn - pkkemakorn [327]

I have heard about the Dead Sea since I was a little boy. Every time someone mentions the Dead Sea, a picture of people floating on the water came to my mind. To us Asians, we believe that only...

Destinations: Amman | Jordan
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Happy Birthday, Jeff.

The (com)Promised Land
Dispatch 5: Kingdoms of Sand and Stone

Jeff Greenwald - jgreenwald [1,931]

I'll tell you what I love. I love standing in the dusty no-man's-land between two borders, feeling the wind blow and reading signs in two languages. Behind me, the high, tight fences and ironic...

Destinations: Amman | Jerusalem | Jordan | Israel
Topics: Travel | Adventure | 20th Century History | War & Conflict | Ancient History

Jordan on the Web

ThingsAsian - ta [3,710]

Jordan Television . Find out about radio and television programming in Jordan, past and present. CIA World Factbook . For most of its history since independence from British administration in 1946,...

Destinations: Amman | Jordan
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Huong Viet Travel

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