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Stories about Music in Ho Chi Minh City

Sampam laden with snake fruit at the floating market in Can Tho, the Capital of the West

Vietnam: Land of the Blue Dragon

Martine Aepli - maepli [110]

From its genesis in the low-lying valley of Lan Chang Jiang, the source of the great Blue River of southern China, the history of Vietnam is shrouded in a rich oral tradition of myth and legend. The...

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Literature | Festivals | Religion | Agriculture | Music | Traditions | War & Conflict | Ancient History | Architecture

Singing in the Rain: A Musical Odyssey

Joyce Gregory Wyels - jgregory [245]

"This is not a tour and I am not a tour leader." A few eyebrows inched upward, but none of us dared dispute Dr. Phong Nguyen's disclaimer as he introduced himself to his team of volunteers in the...

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Music
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