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Sign of the Rat by Indigo Jones

Sign of the Rat – Illustrated Action Thriller

Jack Harbison - jack_harbison [55]

Enjoy a fast-paced escape to Vietnam, with more than 60 photo-realistic illustrations.

Destinations: Halong Bay | Hoi An | Hanoi | Vietnam
Topics: Food | Travel | Adventure | Literature | For Kids
Halong Bay Vietnam

Things to do in Halong Bay

john penmark - johnpenmark [316]

Halong means Bay of the Descending Dragons. The proud Vietnamese are claiming this place as an eight wonder- such is its beauty. This bay is very calm and there are 3000 islands in all shapes and...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Halong Bay activities

Far and away - Halong bay impression

Bobby King - Bobby_king [1,768]

Determined to find her own private paradise Duc Hanh takes a cycling and kayaking tour to the far reaches of Halong bay

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Beaches & Resorts | Nature | Ecotourism
Vietnam holiday now

Xmas with a Halong cruise vacation

Holiday Indochina - holidayindochina [410]

Hi everyone!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are now thinking to spend this special occasion on Halong bay Vietnam but still wondering what the trip likes?? I come back with some...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Romance

Bobby Nguyen - vietnam [275]

60 years after the time of the movie "Indochine", I decided to visit Ha Long Bay. I took a package tour on a junk like everyone else, since it's the easiest and cheapest way to see Ha Long Bay from Hanoi.

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Dining with a Conscience in Southeast Asia

Order of the Day

Natnapha Thanatharakit - the_orient [430]

In Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, try these restaurants which are dishing up opportunities for the local community with their socially responsible policies and vocational training programs, as well as good food...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Hue | Hanoi | Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh City | Hoi An
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Women & Travel | Traditions | Culture | Food | People
This is a pic of a double room on the Kangaroo Cafe boat in Ha Long Bay. Air con, private en-suite .... It's very flash.

A great alternative to the same old tours in Viet Nam

P G (Max) Hart - madmax [179]

We're the real but often copied Kangaroo Cafe & although being copied is somewhat flattering, it's also a very devious way to mislead & overcharge unsuspecting tourists.

Destinations: Halong Bay | Sapa | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Ecotourism

Halong bay

Pham Thanh Long - longpt [219]

History of the name "Halong" "Ha Long" is literally translated as "Bay of Descending Dragons." Prior to the 19th century, this name was not recorded in any document or archive. When mentioning the...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam

We are all the same!

James Murtaugh - JMurtaugh [3,169]

Halong Bay, Vietnam, Jan.2002. We are on a nice boat. Our guide does not speak english well and seems bored. Another couple on the boat has their own guide. He likes to joke and is very friendly. All...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam

The Old Man

James Murtaugh - JMurtaugh [3,169]

Halong Bay, Vietnam. We board a nice boat with cabins with bathrooms. It is misty and the islands are grey ghosts. I do not lock my cabin. The crew notices and approve my trust in them. We stop at a...

Destinations: Halong Bay | Vietnam
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