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Waiting for the customer  (West street, Yangshou, Guangxi province, China)

First time in China - a trip from Hong Kong via Canton and Guilin to Yangshou

Tom Ber • www.tomber.de - tom2009 [925]

A trip from Hong Kong via Canton and Guilin to Yangshou.

Destinations: Guangzhou | Guilin | China | Hong Kong | Yangshuo
Topics: Travel | Adventure | People
Guangzhou bags and cases Wholesale Markets.

Guangzhou Wholesale Markets: Bags and Cases

Bill Zhoudu - billzhoudu [55]

A quick introduction to the wholesale market for bags and cases in Southern China's city of Guangzhou.

Destinations: Guangzhou | China
Topics: Economy | Fashion

Starfish, Scorpions & Lizards on Sticks

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Not long ago Guangzhou's Qingping market was notorious as a place where unmentionable stenches mingled with the cries of chickens, rabbits, owls, rats, civet cats, and other animals in varied stages...

Destinations: Guangzhou | China
Topics: Food | People | Traditions | Shopping
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PRD Guide

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Travel to Pearl River Delta in China.... HongKong, Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen..... All are fantasy cities!

Destinations: Guangzhou | Hong Kong | Guangdong
Topics: Travel
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