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The ruined village in Tanuf nestled in the foothills of Jebel Akhdar is not exactly tourist material, especially if you are looking for pleasant experiences only.

Past, revisited

Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Just miles from each other, old Tanuf and Misfat al Abriyeen offer totally different experiences

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Conversations of a different kind 2,100 metres above sea level at Qiyoot

Footloose in Oman

Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Qiyoot, Oman...

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The Sur lighthouse is still axtive and is an approximately 11m (36 ft) three-storey tower with domed roof.

Sur, the stuff of legends

Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Some say It’s the birthplace of Sindbad of the 1001 Nights Arabian fairytale.

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Somewhere in Sharqiah Sands in Oman

Luxe Adventures

Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Self driving and luxury camping in Wahiba Sands in Sharqiah, Oman

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All around us it’s sprouting turtles – literally. And we are not even inside the protected turtle breeding ground at Ras al Hadd.


Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Reminiscing a new moon night on an empty stretch that offered us the chance of a lifetime

Destinations: Oman
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