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Kill Me If You Can, You SOB by Bob Miller

Book Review: Kill Me If You Can, You SOB

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

Author Bob Miller give a candid account of an "ordinary soldier" serving in the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company in Phan Thiet, Vietnam.

Destinations: Da Lat | Nha Trang | Phan Thiet | Vietnam | Da Nang
Topics: People | 20th Century History | War & Conflict

30 Years Later

James Murtaugh - JMurtaugh [3,169]

April 2005 I wanted to take my wife to see Marble Mountain, just south of Danang.So my wife and I along with two U.S. Army war veterans rented a cab to take us there. The Mountain is still very...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: People | War & Conflict
At the former U.S. base in Danang, the now abandoned but still strong hangars were used by the U.S. military forces. The adjacent runway shows the effects of time.

Memories Triggered by the DMZ

Jim Clark - jclark [208]

I am in Hanoi and it seems strange at first to be here. As teenagers, Hanoi was forbidden to us--a capital of the opposition and the extension of the Soviet Union and communist China. Well today I sit...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Travel | People

Le Doi

Qui Duc Nguyen - qdnguyen [903]

Le Doi paints colorful tableaux, yet there is an undeniable sadness in them. His subjects are most often face to face with solitude. Nude figures are painted from the back, their heads usually buried...

Destinations: Da Nang | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | People | Art
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