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Will Raus was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1989. At age 11, he returned to Japan with his father to spend the summer traveling and visiting with friends. Will now lives in California's Napa Valley and is attending Vintage High School. He has a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, and enjoys math, chess, reading, watching movies and playing computer games.

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Will Raus's Recent Contributions

Bruce Lee- Father of the Martial Arts Film

The Stars and Styles of Martial Arts

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

Every cinematic genre has always been characterized by the stars that make it famous, from comedy and romance, to war and westerns, and martial arts movies are no different. From generation to...

Destinations: China | Thailand | Japan
Topics: Martial Arts | Performing Arts
Jessica Renslow

Jessica Renslow- Linguistic Wizard of Studiopolis Inc.

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

In the past several years, Anime has turned into a massive television industry, rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. All of this is due to the work of companies such as ADV...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: People | Working Abroad | Art
Cover- Drunken Master

Martial Arts Reviews- Jackie Chan's Drunken Master

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

There are many different kinds of martial arts movies. There are the action movies, in which the fighting is the focal point, and the plot is minimal. There are art movies, in which the choreography...

Destinations: China | Hong Kong
Topics: Martial Arts | Performing Arts
Cover- Game Of Death

Martial Arts Reviews: Game Of Death

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

Bruce Lee's unfortunate death left a lot of his fans wanting more. He died before the release of his first stateside movie, and didn't become a major star until after his death. This meant...

Destinations: China | Hong Kong
Topics: Martial Arts | Performing Arts
Cover- Enter The Dragon

Martial Arts Reviews- Enter The Dragon

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

Every film genre has its classics. Romance has Casablanca, Drama has Citizen Kane, Martial Arts has Enter The Dragon. Featuring Bruce Lee, the greatest martial arts star in the history of the genre,...

Destinations: China | Hong Kong
Topics: Martial Arts | Performing Arts

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